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Eskimo é um projeto criado pelo inglês Junya. Tornou-se em pouco tempo um dos nomes consagrados do trance psicodélico mundial, ao lado de grandes projetos como Infected Mushroom GMS, Wrecked Machines e Bizzarre Contact.

  • Can You Pick Me Up ? (2003)
  1. "The Scorpion"
  2. "Traveling"
  3. "Does This Look Infected to You"
  4. "Fire on Ice (Skazi)"
  5. "Dirty Trancing"
  6. "Spotted Dots"
  7. "Crank It Down"
  8. "Israely Beautiful"
  9. "Can You Pick Me Up?
  • Take A Look Out There (2004)
  1. "Scrambling Signals"
  2. "My Blue Goa"
  3. "Take a Look Out There"
  4. "Party Pooper"
  5. "Get Yourself High"
  6. "Thirs and Trails"
  7. "Survive Your Dreams"
  8. "Time Becomes a Loop"
  9. "Let It All Out"